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The partnership between Cisco and SUSE has been delivering exceptional business value to its mutual customers and end-users for over 20 years. Through innovative and collaborative development, SUSE has helped to accelerate Cisco's data center business solutions by ensuring Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is the platform of choice for organizations making the move to SAP HANA, software defined storage, or other open source products and solutions backed by SUSE Linux.

With a common approach to data center architecture, Cisco and SUSE are focused on simplicity and extensibility--two areas that complement both organization’s collective market strengths and industry expertise. The end result? Forward looking solutions designed for the world’s most advanced and progressive data centers.

Joint Solutions
Joint Solutions

亚博足彩appFrom networking, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, management tools and software defined storage, Cisco and SUSE have integrated their respective technologies through SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Cisco UCS to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and scalable solutions to customers worldwide.

Unix to Linux Migration

Migrate from Unix to Linux and move toward a more efficient data center with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Workloads are optimized for physical, virtual and cloud environments and full integration with Cisco UCS means reliable performance and cost savings.


As Cisco’s preferred SAP partner, SUSE fully integrates with Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) to provide an end-to-end implementation of SAP HANA that is easy to install and simple to configure.

Live Patching

SUSE has leveraged years of development with SAP around kernel hardening to become the only open source provider of this solution that eliminates downtime, reboot time, and unfavorable impact to mission critical systems.


With a proven record of success in the enterprise market, SUSE and Cisco work in lock-step to provide forward-looking, leading solutions that drive the innovation of advanced business technologies.


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SUSE Enterprise Storage for Cisco UCS