Grow your SAP Applications

亚博足彩appEmbrace digital transformation and keep your business moving with SUSE and Lenovo, the ideal platform for SAP.

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Capture the Power of HPC

Enterprises across multiple industries are employing the power of HPC today Partner with Lenovo and SUSE to gain a competitive edge.

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Leibniz Supercomputing Centre Video

SuperMUC, powered by Lenovo and SUSE, is Europe's most powerful supercomputer.

Protect Your Enterprise Data

亚博足彩appGet a scalable, cost-effective solution for fast, reliable disk-to-disk backup that meets today’s evolving storage needs.

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SUSE and Lenovo Strategic Alliance

SUSE and Lenovo are strategic partners in the data center focused on , High Performance Computing and Ceph-based Software Defined Storage offerings.

SUSE is Lenovo and SAP’s primary choice for SAP HANA,亚博足彩app running in over 7,000 installations in the world.

SUSE and Lenovo share decades of experience in High Performance Computing, both are founding members and major contributors to OpenHPC, a group dedicated to easing HPC adoption through the setting of open standards. Get a fully supported powerful and efficient solution from Lenovo and SUSE.

Lenovo also offers SUSE Enterprise Storage which provides excellent scalability, cost-efficiency and fast and reliable disk-to-disk backup that meets today’s evolving storage needs.

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Joint Solutions

Mission-Critical & SAP Environment

Extend the value of your SAP applications亚博足彩app with support for platform migration, simplification and consolidation.

The modular design and large memory capacity of the Lenovo ThinkSystem servers make them the most flexible and cost-effective way to run SAP applications, including HANA.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server consistently deliver outstanding uptime and performance as the preferred Linux platform of SAP, and SUSE is the only open source provider of Live Patching.

Both Lenovo and SAP themselves are SUSE customers, and in fact, SAP relies on Lenovo and SUSE in its production and development environments.

Software-defined Storage

SUSE Enterprise Storage on Lenovo servers is a highly scalable, resilient, self-healing and self-managing storage solution designed for mid to large scale environments.

SUSE Enterprise Storage on Lenovo Think Systems is a cost effective, tailor made back end solution with SUSE’s node based subscription model. SUSE Enterprise storage makes it easy to take advantage of Lenovo’s cost efficiency and server reliability- don’t get locked into expensive proprietary storage solutions.

The Lenovo Storage Solution for SAP HANA亚博足彩app powered by SUSE Enterprise Storage is a SAP HANA Software Defined Storage (SDS) TDI solution that has been SAP ICC certified and is suitable for SAP HANA data, logs and backups.

High Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) is no longer the sole domain of well-funded research institutions. Enterprises across industries are employing HPC today to gain a competitive edge.

The Lenovo and SUSE HPC teams have worked together for years. When Lenovo recommends HPC software packages, SUSE can quickly adopt those packages into the SUSE HPC module so joint customers can take advantage of the newest features.

Lenovo is one of the fastest-growing providers of HPC hardware,亚博足彩app according to TOP500 with a strong presence globally.

SUSE has similar supercomputing chops, with 40 percent of the top 100 and 50 percent of the top 50 supercomputers in the world running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Application Delivery

Create microservices-based container apps and services and streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud native applications.

SUSE works with the best of container and orchestration technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, and the best of PaaS like Cloud Foundry to create innovation that matters to our enterprise customers and partners.

SUSE CaaS Platform亚博足彩app is your platform for next-gen container-based applications and the basis of Lenovo's Reference Architecture for Lenovo Intelligent Insights with SAP Data Hub solution.

SUSE Cloud Application Platform亚博足彩app brings a cloud native developer experience in Kubernetes.

Big Data & Analytics

As the volume and velocity of data increases, extracting meaningful insight in a timely manner or supporting online transactions has become more complex.

There is more data generated in businesses than ever before, and it is usually kept in silos,亚博足彩app e.g. in enterprise applications, databases, plain files, Hadoop data lakes, data warehouses, or various forms of cloud storage.

Combining data across those silos is needed to unlock its value亚博足彩app and SUSE and Lenovo can help you on that journey with solutions for Apache Hadoop and SAP Data Hub.


Big Data & Analytics

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