SAP HANA on Linux

Speed your digital transformation and realize up to 102% ROI with SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure

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SQL Server on Linux

亚博足彩appTake advantage of an industry-leading, secure, and high-performing database—now on SUSE Linux!

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SUSE Cloud Application Platform with Azure Kubernetes Service

Learn about our solution for cloud native app development.

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Test Drive Azure for HPC Workloads in Minutes

亚博足彩appExperience the OS tuned for supercomputing on the highly performant Azure cloud infrastructure.

SUSE and Microsoft Strategic Alliance

亚博足彩appFrom edge, to core, to cloud, SUSE and Microsoft drive open innovation for our joint customers. SUSE is a global ISV for Microsoft and the largest independent provider of Open Source solutions. SUSE and Microsoft share a dedication to open source, developer-focused solutions, along with a history of enterprise engineering.

亚博足彩appAs an alliance, SUSE and Microsoft embrace the power of communities and we support SUSE platforms running on Microsoft Azure. Our joint solutions are performance-driven, flexible and enterprise-tested to ensure you experience unparalleled availability and scalability in complex and hybrid environments.

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Cloud Solutions

SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure

When working with Microsoft Azure as your cloud platform, you are running the infrastructure that over 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust.

亚博足彩appMicrosoft Azure offers one of the largest compliance portfolios, with 47 compliance certifications including mission-critical SAP workloads.

SUSE and Microsoft worked together to provide a frictionless path to adopting SAP HANA and public cloud that is backed by best-in-class support and high-availability.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation journey by leveraging SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP on Microsoft’s certified and high-performing purpose-built cloud infrastructure for SAP HANA.

Getting Started with SUSE on Microsoft Azure

Learn how easy it is to try SUSE on Microsoft Azure and get started today!

SQL Server on Microsoft Azure

Take the most cost-effective path to SQL Server 2017 with SUSE and Microsoft. Combine the industry leading database with the Enterprise Linux OS that supports Persistent Memory that can turbo-charge your analytics performance.

Double Down on Industry Leading Performance: Build intelligent applications with industry-leading performance and security technologies on the Enterprise Linux that’s optimized for in-memory.

Enable Advanced Analytics to Power Innovation: Achieve new levels of agility and focus on innovation by leveraging the intelligent cloud for SQL Server on the Linux OS optimized for in-memory and advanced analytics workloads.

Peace of Mind for your Mission-Critical:亚博足彩app Add on the SUSE High Availability Extension to enhance the resiliency of your SQL Server workloads.

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Cloud Application Platform with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a modern application delivery platform that brings an advanced cloud-native developer experience to Kubernetes. You can increase application portability and enable new choices for IT operations teams, with streamlined architecture and expanded hosted cloud deployment options available with SUSE Cloud Application Platform.

亚博足彩appWhen deployed with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), SUSE Cloud Application Platform, can help you accelerate innovation, minimize risk and increase ROI. AKS provides cluster management, so you can reduce laborious infrastructure maintenance activities. AKS manages your Master VMs, the control plane, hardware upgrades and individual Kubernetes components so you can focus on your Agent VMs and building great apps.

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High-Performance Cloud Computing

亚博足彩appReduce the burden of designing, procuring, integrating, and validating a production-ready HPC stack with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC on Azure. Combining Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure built for compute and network intensive applications and the leading Linux operating system for HPC—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server—you’ll be able to run workloads with the reliability, security, and high scalability you need on-demand.

Achieving High Availability on Microsoft Azure

亚博足彩appSUSE and Microsoft strive towards providing scalable and highly available compute and services for the enterprise.

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